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Name: John Sex: Male Nationality: American Age: 65 Years Diagnosis: 1. Right Brachial Plexus Injury, Cervical Plate Fixation Surgery 2. Herniated Lumbar Disc, R

Posted at 2016-2-16 by Zhangqi

Name: Mohamed Amin Abdullateef Sex: Male Country: Egypt Age: 32 years Diagnosis: sequel of spinal cord injury Date: Apr. 12th, 2015 Days Admitted to Hospital: 1

Posted at 2015-5-13 by Zhangqi

By:Like Wu, Xiaojuan Wang, Bo Cheng, Saichun Chu, Shuangshuang Liu, Xinrui Xu, Fang Peng, Xiang Wang, Xueyan Feng Wu Medical Center(2014-12-20) Spinal cord inj

Posted at 2014-12-30 by Tracy

Name: Ryan Harman Sex: Male Country: England Age:34 years Diagnosis: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Date:August 12, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 14 days Befor

Posted at 2014-9-10 by Tracy

Name: Danilo Marinozzi Sex: Male Country: Italy Age: 27 years Diagnoses: Spinal cord injury Admission Date: 2013-04-28 Days Admitted to the Hospital: 28 Before

Posted at 2013-6-7 by Admin

Name: Carlos Alonso Sex: Male Country: Argentina Age: 50 Diagnosis: Injury of the left sciatic nerve Admission Date: 2013-02-17 Days Admitted to Hospital: 28 da

Posted at 2013-4-8 by Admin

Name: Lee Yuehua Sex: Female Country: America Age: 57 Diagnoses: 1.Spinal cord injury (sci), 2.Urinary tract infection, 3.Bedsore, 4.anemia Admission Date: 2012

Posted at 2012-12-11 by Admin

Name: Cornelia Sex: Female Country: Greece Age: 30 Diagnoses: 1.Spinal cord injury (sci) 2. Urinary tract infection 3. fatty liver (mild) Admission Date: 2012-1

Posted at 2012-12-4 by Admin

Name: Asmaa Saeed Alabdullah Sex: Female Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 55 Diagnoses: 1.Spinal cord injury (sci), post thoracic vertebra laminectomy 2. hypertension

Posted at 2012-8-3 by Admin

Name: Luay Anwar Abdul jawad Sex: Male Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 23 Diagnoses: Spinal cord injury (sci), urinary tract infection Admission Date: 2012-03-01 Day

Posted at 2012-5-15 by Admin
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