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Author Zhangqi Views Posted at 2016/02/16

Name: John
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 65 Years
Diagnosis: 1. Right Brachial Plexus Injury, Cervical Plate Fixation Surgery 2. Herniated Lumbar Disc, Right Sciatica 3. Sinus Bradycardia 4. Hyperlipemia
Date of Admission: Jan.25, 2016
Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/7 days

Before treatment:
The patient had backache and right lower limb pain for 3 years, he was diagnosed as Herniated Lumbar Disc in July 2015. He felt pain in his waist and right lower limb when he moved, he had cervical syndrome for many years, he had a surgery 5 years ago. His spirit was good, his sleep and diet were not so good. His urination and defecation were normal.

Admission PE:
Bp: 143/96mmHg; Hr: 56/min. height: 165cm, weight: 70kg. His spirit was good. His thorax was symmetrical and the distensibility was a little abnormal. The respiration of both lungs was clear, there was no dry or moist rales. Sat was 99%. The rhythm of his heartbeat was normal. There was no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was bulge with no pressing pain or rebound tenderness. The liver and spleen were not touched. There was no edema on both lower limbs. His dorsal artery of foot was normal, the temperature of four limbs was lower than normal. His cholesterol level was higher than normal.

Nervous System Examination:
John was alert and his spirit was weak. He slept well. His memory, calculation and orientation abilities were normal. He could close his eyes powerful. Both eyes had sensitive response to light stimuli. Both eyeballs could move freely. The nasolabials and forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. He could do check blowing and chew strongly. The tongue was centered in the oral cavity. Both soft palates could lift, and the strength was strong. He didn’t have difficulty with swallowing. His neck was soft without resistance. The muscle power of shrugging shoulders was strong. He had muscular atrophy in right shoulder girdle, both upper limbs’ proximal muscle. The abducent muscle power of right upper limb was at level 3, the extensor muscle power was at level 2+, the flexor muscle power was at level 4, the distal muscle power was at level 5, the muscle power of left upper limb was at level 5, the grip of both hands was at level 5. The muscle power of right lower limb was at level 4, left lower limb was at level 5. The muscle tension of four limbs was normal. The tendon reflex of both upper limbs was normal, lower limbs was active. The deep sense and superficial sense were normal. Both side Hoffmann sign was negative, both side Rossilimo sign and Babinski sign were positive. He could do the finger-to-nose test normal, but he did rapid rotation test slowly. Right hand did finger to finger test and heel-knee-tibia test normal. The Romberg's sign was negative. The meningeal irritation sign was negative.

He received relevant examinations and diagnosed with 1. Right Brachial Plexus Injury, Cervical Plate Fixation Surgery 2. Herniated Lumbar Disc, Right Sciatica 3. Sinus Bradycardia 4. Hyperlipemia. so he received 3 times of mesenchymal stem cell injection to activate the cells, stable his blood pressure and organ function, regular his blood lipid, improve his blood circulation.

After 1 week treatment, his blood pressure was 110-130/70-90mmHg, blood lipid was normal, his pain in waist and leg were less. The proximal muscle power of right upper limb was at level 4, part of his atrophied muscle were normal. His spirit , diet and sleep were good.



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