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by Drs.Like Wu, Xiaojuan Wang and Bo Cheng

Aging is a process that is natural and inevitable, which all creatures, through the passage of time will experience. It is a complex natural phenomenon, presented with decreased adaptability and resistance.

Human aging process is a progress of organ function and reserve capacity falling. Anti-aging is aimed at improving tissue organ function and reserve capacity, bolstering the vascular circulation system, respiratory system, digestive system and neural (immune) system.

Life span is the maximum number of years an individual from a given species can live. For humans, the current accepted maximum life span is 122 years achieved by Jeane Clament of France.

Life expectancy is the average life span for an individual. It is generally given for a person born this year. For example, according to the CDC, anyone born in 2006 could expect to live about 77.5 years.

Life expectancy and aging are influenced by environmental factors, such as: pollution, stress, malnutrition, metabolic disorder, lack of sleep, injury, infection, immune response and organization structure decline.

Cells, with the passage of time, suffer from a decrease in reserve numbers, capability reduction of self-renewal and differentiation, and from cellular recession of structure and function.

Stem cells are the only known source for rebuilding the body and renewing health by restoring lost or degraded cells.

The goal of our anti-aging program is to close the gap between life expectancy and life span and improve the quality of life. This can be done through healthier living, less exposure to toxins and the prevention of chronic illnesses, and more effectively through our innovative unique stem cell-based anti-aging program that can prevent disease, improve cell organization and vitality and increase the its reserve capacity.

Regeneration medicine includes stem cell clinical technology while the regeneration medicine is the most advanced technology at present in the world. Stem cell clinical technology as the most advanced regeneration has received Nobel Prize Award four years in a row properly finishing the anti-aging treatment, the most advanced clinical technology, is the stem cell clinical.

Now there is no other related clinical technology instead of the position of the stem cell clinical technology.

Patient Stories:

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Name: Aihua Zhou Sex: Female Country: China Age: 98 years Diagnosis: 1. Hypomnesis, Encephalatrophy 2. Disease type 2 Date of Admission: March. 19th, 2015 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/10 days Before treatment: The patient was health

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Name: Amelia Mahvi Sex: Female Nationality: British Age: 46 years old Diagnosis : 1. Swelling and pain of lower limbs ( peripheral nerve angiopathy), 2. Hyperlipemia Date of Admission : December 29, 2015 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/6

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Name: Cherry Matty Sex: Female Country: Pakistan Age:64 years Diagnoses:Hyperlipidemia and Memory Loss Date:May 20, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 10 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from elevated lipids and memory loss, but she didn't re

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Name: Ferris Sex: Male Country: Yemen Age: 55 Diagnoses: 1. Type 2 diabetes ; 2. Hypertension stage 2 Very high-risk group Days Admitted to Hospital: 8 days Identifying Information: The patient suffered from hypertension for more than 12 years. The b

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Name: Junrry Sex: Female Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 33 Diagnosis: Irregular menstruation Date: March 1, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 8 days Medical History: Junrry suffered from irregular menstruation for 2 years and entered menopause for 1 year.

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