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Patient’s treatment schedule

Author Admin Views Posted at 2011/11/05
Note: This schedule is subject to changes based on each patient's individual health condition.
This time table includes the 4 stem cells injections program. The number of injections will be determined based on the patient's disease situation
Some patients prefer to wait a day or two to get settled in before taking all the tests as they are quite thorough and can be strenuous after a long trip. The first day in this time table refers to the first day you will feel strong enough and ready for the initial check up.
1. Day 1      
Doctor’s visit for initial check up: Reviewing the medical history of the patient, taking tests (physical examination, blood pressure, breathing, lung functioning, etc.) and making the first Neurological evaluation. ECG – heart condition check will also be taken during the first day.
MRI or CT scan will be scheduled during the first week.
2. Day 2:     
07:00 AM- Blood test * blood tests whenever requested by the doctors will be taken at this hour.
08:00 AM- Breakfast
09:00 -10:00 AM- Doctors'  visit
At the same time, a comprehensive oral medication program and IV will start for the patient. And the therapist will visit the patient and help him or her design a proper training class, there will be 3 classes per day, every class will be 30-45 minutes.
During the day you will be shown by an English speaking staff, the Hospital facilities: the rehabilitation center, the Head Nurse's counter, laundry services, etc. 
You will also be given a tour of the local neighborhood, including the local phone card shop, supermarket, restaurants, massage place, shopping centers, etc.
At the patient’s request, your coordinator will bring you to the supermarket nearby and go to the bank to change money in the afternoon.
3. In the first 3-5 days the patient will complete all the necessary body examinations and the medication treatment preparation for the stem cell implantations will be finished.
4. The first meeting with the chief doctor will be handled one day before the first stem cell implantation. The doctors will help explain to the patient the whole treatment procedure again and provide the patient with a proper prognosis.
5. on the day of the stem cell injection, there will be no physical rehabilitation (the patient will receive the stem cells injections once per week regularly)
6. One week before the patient's discharge, doctors will help the patient prepare the discharge medication list, and make sure the patient has had enough time to check and properly purchase the medications from the hospital. In general, the patient will need to take their medications for at least 3-6 months to ensure that the stem cells will have normal differentiation and a stable environment for successful clinical improvement.
7. Discharge Meeting
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