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1.      Patient’s room
We have two types of rooms: standard rooms and VIP rooms. Since we have only 4 VIP rooms we reserve them according to the special needs of the patients and their families, and any patient wanting a VIP room should try to make a reservation at least one month before their arrival.
Every patient room has a private toilet and bathroom, with refrigerator, microwave, and a mineral water tank. One patient bed and another bed for an accompanying family member (another folding bed can be provided upon request if there is more than one accompanying relative.)
TV (LCD screen), DVD and internet access can be available if you choose to bring your laptop with you. VIP rooms can provide satellite television.
Please take notice!
It is the policy of the hospital that we do not provide toilet paper. For your convenience, upon your arrival you will find in your room two rolls of toilet paper, when this supply is finished you are requested to buy for yourself a supply according to your taste and budget. Thank you!
2.      Daily food
You have two main options from which you can order your daily meals:
1.      From the Chinese/Muslim/Western restaurant that provides food and ordering services to all the hospital’s patients and staff. This option is very cheap and convenient. However, it might not always suit your taste and/or diet restrictions.
2.      From the Café that is located in the center of our hospital and provides western food such as: sandwiches, pasta, salads, etc.
If you order your meals from the restaurant outside, three meals a day will cost about 50 RMB per day for one person (8 USD).
Our staff will ask you to order your food one day in advance. You can order each meal from the restaurant or from the Café.   
Other options:
There are three big supermarkets about a 10 minute taxi ride from the hospital. Our international department staff will be happy to show you around and take you for your first shopping trips.
Every week, we will send our hospital car to take the patient’s family members to the supermarket nearby.
You may also like to explore the wonderful variety of Beijing’s restaurants. (Peking Roast Duck Restaurant is a must!)
Commune Kitchen:You can also use our commune kitchen to cook simple meals. The commune kitchen has electrical burners, blender, sterilizer and kitchen ware for your use.
3.      Laundry Services
We provide each patient and their family members free laundry service once per week. Our staff will go to your room to collect the clothes and return the clean clothes 2-3 days later.
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