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Alexander Gunther Breischke - Autism (New Zealand)

Author Tracy Views Posted at 2011/11/08

Name: Alexander Gunther Breischke
Sex: Male
Country: New Zealand
Age: 11
Diagnoses: Autism, cerebral palsy
Admission Date: 2011-08-07
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 36

Alexander was born premature at 32 weeks into the pregnancy. The delivery took too long and Alexander suffered from asphyxiation. Soon after his birth, he developed a motor function disorder, speech difficulties and a delay in his cognitive development. This was accompanied by epilepsy and opisthotonos. He was diagnosed with ischemic encephalopathy and autism. Alexander's memory was poor, especially his short-term memory. He was unable to communicate with others and could only pronounce the sound "Ah." He was rebellious but did not display aggressive behavior.

During the admission examination, the muscle strength of all four limbs was level 5. The muscle tone of all four limbs was normal. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were normal. The abdominal reflexes were normal. Alexander walked with a limp, accompanied by rotation.

Alexander received the relevant examinations on July 20, 2011, and he was diagnosed with autismand cerebral palsy. He received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves, and he was given treatment to nourish the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.
After the completion of the treatment program, Alexander had more autonomous language ability. The language increase was more obvious when there was a smaller group of people around. We were able to understand the increase in the words spoken. Most of the words are commonly used in daily life. He is able to look straight into the eyes of the people he is most familiar with. The memory, attention span and imitation ability have improved. The reaction rate is faster than before. The ability to perform tasks when asked has improved. Alexander is more obedient to his parents now. The motor functioning has improved. When Alexander walks now, his gait is more normal and the limping has been corrected. There is no longer any rotation or problems with his balance.

Alexander's mother told us:"My son suffered from a severe brain injury. There was no effective treatment given to him at Zelanian hospital. The local doctors were unable to help and only turned a blind eye to the latest treatment developments. But I really believed that I could do something to help my son. I thought that there might be some newly developed technology which could give effective treatment. So we came to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. I'm very happy to see that Alexander has made good progress, and this is just the beginning. We were told to expect even further success as time goes on. My husband and I believe we chose the best treatment option for our son and we look forward to seeing him continue to get healthier. We have hope for the future and know that someday our son will be able to live independently."

Alexander Gunther Breischke 's mother email to us:
"Dearest Terri and all the staffs of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, my son is making improvements that can only be attributed to all of you. He is bouncing balls better than me and showing emotions that he never had. I feel better than I have in a LONG time. I am crying over Alexander's progress. The school sees an obedient child rather than an obstreperous one. Thank you so much ! Say hi to everybody for us too! Don't be strangers as we feel you every day as progress happens and miss you . Karen, Alex and Dave."

Alex's parents write to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center:

Hello from NZ. Hope all is well with all of you. Alex has made huge strides as he now is bathing himself and preparing some of own his meals. He verbalizes everything as he goes, ie take a bath, put the plug in, water, soap, dry off with towel. TALK talk,talk! Sometimes I wish I could shut him up! What I am most surprised about is a true gift for music. He plays the piano with both hands and has regained the manual dexterity he lost during birth. He is a great gardener too and I will expect him to earn his keep next year in the garden!. I am crying as I write this because I thought the delivering doctor had damaged him beyond repair but thanks to you in combination with his natural healing capabilities he is coming right. I cannot thank you enough. Dr. Wu really does repair damaged neurons/brains! Lots  of love and THANKS again. Karen, Alex, Dave. This never would have happened without you.

See Alexander's video:


Alexander's family member email to us:

Hi everybody,

Its been more than six months now since we all together in Bejing and I want to catch up and ask about your experiences following treatment. We went with myself being enthusiastic about the possibilities of stem cell treatment. A simple idea made large, yet with the apprehension that maybe this was to good to be true. Could it be this simple? easy?
Like yourselves we researched and asked the questions and we decided that there was no other viable alternative.

As most of you know, I was looking for help for not only Alex, but Karen as well, and after this time I can only say that, whether it was due to there treatment or another reason, there have been really good results.

Karen suffered from peripheral neuropathy. Damage to the nervous system in her legs and feet. Painful and disabilitating, and an enlarged liver and had been told that she would require a transplant within 5 years.

Its gone! Nothing else to say. Its gone!! She is all good and no problems. She cries when she talks about it.

Alex is different. He suffered a birth injury. No oxygen for 6 hours. Perinatal hypoxia due to an abruption of the placenta. Long story behind this but the end was that Alex was born severely brain damaged. No chance that he would ever walk or talk or be functional at all. Alex overcame most of this and as you saw he was very up and about when we were in China, though NO speech.

After us being home for 6 months, things are happening. He talks constantly though at a infant stage. Last week he worked out how to ask a question. He is definitely moving into that time when kids want to know.

Lots of Love

Dave Karen & ALEX


Hi Terri,

Karen and Alex have both completed there medications which you prescribed.
For Karen, she has regained full liver function and the peripheral neuropathy and pain in her legs has completely disappeared. She is happy healthy, has a good diet and lots of exercise and is so thankful for the help you gave her.

Alex is so much changed. he is talking much better and understanding. He now goes to a "normal�� school with other children and is learning from them. He is so good that I bought him his own Dog that he takes for walks on the beach and with my help is training it. And he is learning at the same time.

I think that the stem cells helped greatly,but also him being with other children and now being in a good environment with lots of stimulation.


We were told by you that medication should continue for 6 months and we have done this. Karen has no need for more, and for Alex which of his medications are needed? He eats very well, lots of exercise, and lots of interaction with other children. He is getting better and learning every day.

I also had a message from Sandra from Serbia that she was going to be back at your clinic with Tara for more therapy today.

WE really enjoyed our stay with you, keep doing the good work
Love from Dave Karen & Alex


Hello everyone,

I hope all are well and are thriving, and some if not all have gained from there time in Beijing.

Karen and I have had limited success with Alex, but Karen's cure is still complete after a year. We do still have hopes for Alex as he is now entering puberty, and that is when I would to see great changes both physically and mentally in any child. hopefully the stem cell treatment has started something that natural processes will continue.
The best development for Alex has been, that within New Zealand, there is a tax funded, Accident Compensation Commission which insures all NZ citizens in case of an accident.
After 2 years of investigation and 3 independent doctors reports, they have decided that Alex's condition is the result of a medical misdiagnosis and wrongful treatment during his birth.

Alex is now to be awarded one of the largest pay-outs in NZ insurance history, plus on-going financial and medical assistance for the rest of his life.
Karen and I are so happy as this means that whatever may happen to us, Alex will always be cared for as we would like.
Love and remember you all.

Dave, Karen and Alex





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