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Author Admin Views Posted at 4011/12/16

            LikeCell Center (also known as Wu Stem Cells Medical Center) founded and led by Dr. Like Wu is the culmination of a vision to incorporate years of stem cell research into the life changing medical procedures we employ today, allowing effective treatment of some previously untreatable disorders and diseases.

            Our goal is to continue to provide leading edge stem cell treatment for our growing and diverse patient population. Our team of professionals not only understands how stressful our patients' situations are, we have the capability to truly help them with our world class, clinical technology developed by our medical doctors and scientific researchers, and we will always strive to ensure the most relaxed, caring and supportive environment possible, for not only our patients, but also family members who decide to stay with us. We feel very fortunate to be in such a unique position to offer such high quality care to the worldwide community as well as to offer them new hope to move on with their lives.

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