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Our Past and Present

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Our clinical application is based on the findings of our stem cell research from the last eleven years. The investor and founder of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (WSCMC), Mr. Eric Huang, is the Chairman of Beijing Union Health Co., Ltd. (BUH, also known as Beijing Hezhong Huaxin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.). He is also the founder and a major investor in China’s first stem cell R&D Company, Beijing SinoCells Bio. Co., Ltd. (SinoCells). The main focus of SinoCells is stem cell research and its applications. Since its founding in 2000 with the Stem Cell Research Center at Peking University, several research projects have been sponsored by national funds (such as “863”, “973” and “221” programs) and have progressed to a stage of commercialization and clinical application. Since 2005 we have applied some of the research outcomes developed at BUH and SinoCells, to our clinical treatment. Using our unique stem cell therapy, Dr. Wu and his team have treated more than 2,000 patients since 2005, with a total effective rate of over 95% and a significant effective rate of over 75%, this has been accomplished without any safety issues. This has paved the way for the application of stem cell technologies to bring about a new reality of treatment not currently provided by conventional medicine. 

With our highly experienced medical team, innovative technology and world-class medical care, we provide the safest and most effective individualized stem cell treatment program with an excellent and proven track record.
Our medical center is comprised of three major parts: The treatment center, inpatient center and rehabilitation center. Each center is equipped with the finest and most up-to-date technological systems.

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