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Our Neurological Specialists

Author Admin Views Posted at 2011/11/04
Dr. Wu is one of the pre-eminent experts in the use of stem cell technology for treating various neurological diseases in China today. Our medical center was named after him. Dr. Wu’s many years of education and research experience in this field has earned him a large amount of respect from his colleagues and his expertise is reflected in the awards and recognition he has received. His accomplishments include over 30 published research articles he has written along with contributions to several other medical publications. Dr. Wu brings his passion and knowledge for treating neurological diseases with stem cell technology to our center, and along with an equally dedicated medical and support team, works hard every day to improve the quality of lives of the patients who come through our doors.
  Dr. Wang’s various research projects include collaboration with one of the top medical universities in the world, Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Wang has published more than 40 research articles about diabetes, cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases as well as the treatment of patients in crisis situations. She is also a member of the Chinese Medical Association, China Physicians Association, and the Distinguished Researcher of the China Science Management Committee. As the chief neurologist at WSCMC, just like Dr. Wu, Dr. Wang brings an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise to our medical center which only enhances the quality of medical care our patients can expect to receive here.

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