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Doctor Susan Chu and doctor Terri Liuare in charge of the consult of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. Please contact with them. http://www.unistemcells.com/en/aboutus/contactus.htm http://www.likecells.com/article/00/2011-11-4-54.html

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Contact Information : Dr. Terri Liu 198 Fengbao Road, Beijing, China 100160 Tel: +86-10-83616677 ext. 823 Fax: +86-10-83614989 Email: wustemcells@163.com

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Statistical report of clinical cases treated by the Wu team from 2005 to Sept. , 201 1 Diseases Disoreders Country * Improvement % ** Significant Improvement % Total Cases Treated 2,253

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Our mission and vision for Wu Stem Cells Medical Center are the driving forces behind the dedication and passion our staff displays everyday to deliver the innovative medical care, technology and high level of service that we are committed to.

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Our clinical application is based on the findings of our stem cell research from the last eleven years. The investor and founder of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (WSCMC), Mr. Eric Huang, is the Chairman of Beijing Union Health Co., Ltd. (BUH, also kno

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Dr. Wu is one of the pre-eminent experts in the use of stem cell technology for treating various neurological diseases in China today. Our medical center was named after him. Dr. Wus many years of education and research experience in this field has e

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LikeCell Center (also known as Wu Stem Cells Medical Center) founded and led by Dr. Like Wu is the culmination of a vision to incorporate years of stem cell research into the life changing medical procedures we employ today, allowing effective treatm

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