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Abdullah Mohanmood - Cerebral palsy (Saudi Arabia)

Author Admin Views Posted at 2012/08/03

Name: Abdullah Mohanmood          
Sex: Male
Country: Saudi Arabia
Age: 14
Diagnoses: 1.Cerebral palsy  2. Anemia 3. leukopenia 4. functional gastrointestinal disorder 5. Congenital hypothyroidism 6. Upper respiratory tract infection
Admission Date: 2012-06-30
Days Admitted to Hospital: 28

Abdallah was born full term. He wasn't able to speak until he was 2 years old and his walking was unstable. His parents brought him to their local hospital for treatment where he was given an MRI examination and the results showed brain atrophy. Abdallah wasn't given any special treatment at the time, but his walking ability improved but he was still unable to speak. He also had chewing difficulty, would occasionally choke while drinking and had excessive salivation. At that time, he had dysphasia, and could only vaguely say two words,"Daddy" and "Mommy." The muscle tone of both legs was slightly higher than normal. He could walk independently.

Admission PE:
There was no edema in the lower limbs. The gums had hyperplasia. The patient would grind his teeth while sleeping and would hear humming sounds. The patient had poor calculation abilities. He was only able to calculate addition and subtraction with numbers less than 10. He couldn't cooperate with the examination of memory. The responses were slightly slow.

Nervous System Examination:
Abdallah Mohanmood was alert. He could only say "daddy" or "mama" vaguely. He couldn't communicate with others with speech. Both pupils were equal in size and round. Both eyeballs could move freely and the pupils reacted normally to light stimulus. The position of the eyes was normal. The patient could open his mouth fully. The tongue had no movement ability. There was no atrophy in the tongue. The teeth were shown without deflection. The cheeks couldn't be expanded. The uvula was slightly shifted to the right side. The muscle strength of the masticatory muscles was weak. The patient had difficulty with chewing and coughing occasionally. The swallowing ability was weak with excessive salivation. He couldn't control the salivation. The neck could turn normally in all directions. The patient could swivel his head and shrug the shoulders strongly. The muscle strength of all four limbs was level 5. The muscle tone of all four limbs was slightly higher than normal. The walking gait was normal.

The patient was given anti-inflammation medication and other symptomatic treatment. He was also given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels, promote nerve regeneration and nourishment for the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

The patient's condition has improved. Height: 169cms, weight: 42kgs. The times he grind his teeth reduced obviously when he sleep. Some of the patient's pronunciation is clearer than before. The center part of the tongue can be raised. The tongue can move slightly to the left side and right side when he eats. The tip of the tongue can move behind the teeth and can reach the inside of the lips. The cheeks can be slightly expanded.


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