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Lucille Bernadette - Cerebral Palsy (Philippines)

Author Tracy Views Posted at 2011/11/07

<<Berna>> arrived to Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (WSCMC) in late September with her 19 month old child <<Lucille>>, who suffers from Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) and Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH). They travelled from the Philippines to seek treatment options not offered in their country. After arriving to WSCMC they enrolled in a standard 5-week treatment program consisting of weekly stem cell injections, physical therapy, and a "cocktail" medication designed to promote cellular growth. They say the results were very satisfactory, and they would suggest our medical center to other people with children suffering from similar conditions.

<<Lucille>> was diagnosed at 9 months with two conditions, PVL and ONH, which lead to her global development delay and eyesight problem. The parents had tried so many hospital before and she undergone different kind of treatment before, but sees like they do not achieve the results they were looking for. They decided to broaden their treatment options. After researching stem-cell centers in both Thailand and China, they decided on WSCMC from a friend's suggestion.

When asked if stem cell treatment was a controversial choice, Lucille's mother replied, "For us it wasn't really a difficult [decision] because we wanted to give our daughter all the options for her condition to improve."

At WSCMC we see these results as the combination of two things. The stem-cell injections and medication to increase cellular-growth helps to repair damaged nervous tissue. This way, the patient may gain more control over their muscles. At the same time, physical therapy helps to increase the circulation to the body, helping the stem-cells to reach the damaged tissues. Physical therapy also helps with flexibility and muscle growth, making movement easier for the patient.

When asked why she chose our medical center, <<Berna>> said, "We aren't losing anything by trying. This is a good option for people who have no treatment options in their home country."

Even after the 5 week in-house treatment period, stem cells require up to 6 months to reach full maturity. The doctors of WSCMC expect to see more positive results during this time. We wish the best of luck to <<Berna>> and her daughter <<Lucille>>.

Lucille's Mother email to us:
November 11, 2010
"Dear Dr. Tian,
Hello! How are you doing? I took Lucille to her pediatrician today for check up. She was very happy with the improvements Lucille made during our stay in Beijing.
Thank you very much!
Berna Marie C. Collado"

December 21, 2010
"Dr. Tian,
Lucille attends therapy classes everyday for one hour. We have observed that she is more active with her arms and hands. Reaching for objects around her. She is more talkative, babbling and making new sounds. She can now say "ON" and "OFF" when we ask her.
I will continue giving her medications and her rehabilitation. Thank you very much!"
January 5, 2011
"Dr. Tian,
Hello! How are you doing? We just celebrated Christmas and New Year here so I have been a little busy.
Lucille can crawl for a longer distance, she can say and imitate new words like "on", "off", "ok". Her therapists also observed that her legs and ankles are less tight.

That is all for now. I will update you again soon. Regards to everyone!
Berna Marie C. Collado"

February 9, 2011
"Hi Lisa!
Happy Chinese New Year to you! Hope you are doing well. Lucille is doing very good. She has therapy everyday and we have seen a lot of improvements. She started crawling right after we came from Beijing but still needs more therapy so she can stand by herself. She also became very talkative, imitating the words that she can hear.
I hope everyone is doing well in the center.
Berna Marie Collado"
March 15, 2011
"Dr. Tian,

Lucille just turned 2 years old last March 3. I have attached some pictures here.She is now 11.8 kg and 84.5cm. She eats a lot of solid food and her milk intake has also increased.Lucille also had a follow up with her Opthalmologist. Her eyes have become better. She has better focus in distant objects. So her glasses were changed to +1.00 OU, and she does not need to wear it all the time anymore.She still is doing therapy everyday in the center and doing her exercises at home. She has become very active, she likes to crawl and practice walking. But she still cannot stand on her own as her trunk muscles are not that strong yet. I am hoping that she will be able to develop faster so that she can start walking soon. She has become very talkative. Her favorite expression is "WOW!" when she sees something she likes. She can imitate new words when you ask her to and she is always making noises. She can follow simple instructions like "close your mouth", "wipe your mouth", "sit up straight", "clap your hands".
Berna Marie C.Collado" 

May 23, 2011
"Dr. Tian,
Lucille is doing very well. We noticed that she has become more active, more talkative while we were traveling. Is it because the stem cells are already 6 months old? She can now imitate more words. She can communicate her needs better. She will say "eat" if she wants to eat, "de de" if she wants milk (that is our local language), "again" if she likes to do something again like playing.
She can now sit down coming from the all-fours position. And she can stay in the all-fours position longer than before. She is trying to crawl in that position too but she still needs to practice.
Berna Marie C. Collado"


July 5, 2012

"Hello Dr. Tian,

How are you? Lucille is doing very well. She still cannot walk on her own. But we have noticed a lot of improvement in her speaking, thinking ability. She now crawls on all fours very fast. And can stand up from sitting position with support.

We are still continuing her therapies. She has sessions everyday and practice at home when she arrives. Hope everyone is doing well!


Berna Marie Collado"

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