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Gabor Bocskai - Cerebral Palsy (Hungary)

Author Tracy Views Posted at 2011/11/07

 Name: Gabor Bocskai
Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Sex: Male
Country: Hungary  
Age: 19
START OF TREATMENT: August 30th, 2006

Medical history before stem cell treatment: 
Gabor was born as a result of a premature birth after only 7.5 months of pregnancy. Only 13 days after birth he suffered Septicemia secondary to Gastroenteritis caused by Thrush. Once the infection had been resolved, the infant appeared to have inconsistent bilateral eye movements and Quadriplegia (paralysis of the lower limbs) and was eventually diagnosed with a Brain Injury at the age of 6 months. Here in Beijing, Gabor received stem cell treatment done by Dr.Like Wu and his medical team.Gabor suffered from attention deficit disorder (ADD). He had concentration difficulties, which made reading, writing and studying, in general very difficult. Manual writing, in particular was extremely difficult for him. He appeared to have dyslexia in both Hungarian, his mother tongue, and in German while reading fluently in English. His speech was basically good but slower than normal.  His vision was especially problematic as he had uncontrollable eye movements. His sight was intermittently blurry, his eyes tired quickly, he had difficulty focusing and concentrating his ocular system. Gabor was not independent in his personal care. He could not walk independently and used a wheelchair for transportation.

After stem cell treatment:
After 7 weeks in the hospital and 3 injections After the first injection Gabor felt a significant change in his ability to concentrate. He reported feeling a greater sense of calmness, an increased ability to concentrate and focus his vision. His eyes seemed to be looking straight forward, while before the treatment it was not clear by looking at him what he was looking at. His vision improved and his hand writing became more readable. He could read better. He also showed signs of increased muscle strength: he could catch and throw a ball better than before. At the 7th week of the treatment Gabor felt he can see better without his long-distance glasses and he stopped wearing them. His short distance vision improved significantly: before the treatment he could not read from a book unless it was almost touching his face, after 7 weeks of treatment he could read from almost a normal distance. He could read better and understand better what he was reading. His hand writing continued to improve. He could hold himself up right while sitting, while before he needed to lean on something. His muscle strength continued to improve: he could lift 3kg weights with his arms straight, while before he could not lift them that high without any weight at all. His trunk movement improved: he could turn backwards with his upper body, which he could not do before. His speech became faster than before. He seemed to gain more confidence and independence.
3.5 months after treatment:
Gabor keeps reporting to the hospital on his condition. During the 3.5 months after his treatment Gabor keeps having new improvements.
On February 2007 Gabor wrote in a letter to his doctor:
"My walking today was 3 times faster than a week ago (with the help of a walker, but without any other support), and my swimming technique has improved a lot by today. You probably remember I always had problems with concentration, now I can study 4 hours non-stop and I am perfectly independent. We are all very happy!"

March 11th, 2007
I did not have the opportunity to write a post because many new things happened to me recently. My ability to concentrate has increased up to 6 hours a day as a result of stem cell treatment, so studying is much easer than before. I no longer get tired from learning-Gabor's Blog .



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