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Case Analysis : Spinal Cord Injury

1.Spinal Cord Injury Brief Introduction

A spinal cord injury has the closest relationship with the paralysis syndrome, which is caused by ischemia or hemorrhaging of the spinal cord, the rapidly progressive compression, necrosis, demyelination, or myelitis.

2.Wu Medical Center used neural stem cell transplantation for the treatment of spinal cord injury in a progress report

Spinal cord injury(SCI)can cause damage below the motor, sensory and the sphincters. Because nerve damage cannot be recycled, there is no effective SCI treatment in the traditional methods. With the development of stem cell technology in Wu Medical Center more and more patients are continuously getting benefit from it.

3.Clinical study of neural stem cell transplantation for the treatment of spinal cord injury

SCI is a serious disease threaten human health, and brings a great deal of financial and spiritual burden to social and families. In acute stage doctors have tried varieties of methods, including decompression surgery, medication and physical rehabilitation, which has relieved pathological changes of SCI in certain degree, but these haven’t reduce Paralyzed rate.

Patient Stories:

Name : Umair Pirzada Sex : Male Nationality : Canadian Age : 33Y Diagnosis : Sequela of Spinal Cord Injury Date of Admission : Feb. 10th, 2017 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/15 days Before treatment: The patient bumped his neck 19 ye

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Name : Mr. Lee Sex : Male Nationality : American Age : 25Y Diagnosis : 1. Spinal cord injury 2. Bedsore Grade3 Date of Admission : March 9th, 2017 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/ 30 days Before treatment: The patient had a car accide

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Name : Muzafer Fehratovic Sex : Male Nationality : Dutch Age : 43Y Diagnosis : Sequel of Spinal Cord Injury Date of Admission : December 2nd, 2016 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/14 days Before treatment: On July 27th, 2012, Muzafer F

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Name : Choo Youngun Sex : Male Nationality : Korean Age : 53Y Diagnoses : sequel of spinal cord injury Date of Admission : Sept. 20th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/15days Before treatment: In December 2013, Choo Youngun fell on

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Name : Fadhil Alwan Sex : Male Nationality : Iraqi Age : 70Y Diagnoses : 1. Spastic paralysis of legs, degenerative spinal disease; 2. Hypertension level2; 3. Hyperlipemia Date of Admission : October 11th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical C

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Name : Saphira Kusbandiyah Sex : Female Nationality : Indonesian Age : 17 Diagnosis : Spinal Cord Injury Date of Admission: August 12th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/14days Before treatment: Saphira felt numb in her lower limbs

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Name: Alisa Sex: Female Nationality: Canadian Age: 31 Diagnoses: 1. Sequelae of Spinal Cord Injury 2. Iron Deficiency Anemia Date of Admission : June 30th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/13days Before treatment: On June 19th, 201

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Name: Kashif Zafar Sex: Male Nationality: Pakistani Age: 43 Diagnoses: 1. Sequelae of Spinal Cord Injury (Mechanical Ventilation Dependant) 2. Urinary Infection 3. Thyroid Hypofunction Date of Admission: June 29th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu

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