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Warren Clemence - Multiple sclerosis (Canada)

Author admin Views Posted at 2011/11/07

Name: Warren Clemence                                                 
Sex: Male
Country: Canada
Age: 57
Diagnosis: MS(Multiple Sclerosis)
Beginning of treatment:April 25,2008

Medical history before stem cell treatment:
Warren had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for almost two decades before he decided to come to China. He had been hospitalized several times and had gone through many different grueling treatments on a number of occasions. With few treatment options left and worsening symptoms, Warren decided to come to China for stem cell treatment. Before stem cell treatment, Warren's main difficulties were his impaired general mobility and deteriorating muscle strength and energy. After many years of living with MS, his walking was effected and he more often than not had to use his wheelchair to get around. With the assistance of his wife, or with a cane, Warren could take some steps but even this was becoming increasingly difficult for him. Warren would also tire easily and could not stay mobile for any long period of time. Maneuvering from one position to another, from his wheelchair to his bed, to a chair or to the toilet, for example, was difficult, slow and painful. Warren suffered from constant back pain, which is typical with MS patients; a pain that hindered his mobility further and made him spend much of his time in bed resting. He was also unable to stand up straight, and his posture was bent forward when standing.

Warren's lack of mobility made daily life hard for him. Although he could still dress, wash himself and take care of his daily needs, his wife was helping him more and more and he was increasingly incapacitated. Many daily chores were painful and slow.


Patient received 4 stem cells injections via lumbar puncture and nutritious stem cell cocktail treatment (intravenous) by Dr. Like Wu and Dr. Xiaojuan Wang.

After stem cell treatment: 
Warren started seeing improvements in his mobility a short time into his treatment. He was able to move around more and took more confident steps by himself. At the end of the treatment he was even able to walk completely by himself and without the assistance of a cane for a short while. He also stood taller and straighter than he had before treatment. He found it easier to get in and out of his chair and bed. Moving around and doing his daily chores were easier for him and he required less assistance. Warren would also tire less easily and had regained some of the spark and strength he had been missing on arrival. He was up for longer periods of time and the more the treatment progressed, the more he would spend time walking around the hospital instead of being confined to his room. Warren and Brenda were very encouraged by the improvements in his condition and were optimistic about his future. "We hope this is just the beginning," said Brenda as they were leaving to return back to their home in Alberta, Canada.

For MS patients, Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr. Xiaojuan Wang can provide a unique stem cell treatment to control their medical condition and block the progress of the disease.


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