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Rodrigo Alfredo - Sequala of brain injury (Guatemala)

Author Tracy Views Posted at 2011/11/08

 Name: Rodrigo Alfredo
Sex: Male
Country: Guatemala
Age: 24
Diagnosis: Sequelae of brain injury
Admission Date: 2010-11-05
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 38

Rodrigo lost consciousness after a car accident 6 years ago and was sent to a local hospital. One hour after the accident, his vital signs were stable and he was conscious. Soon after, Rodrigo suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest, and fell into a coma. He underwent an emergency tracheal intubation and other relevant rescue measures. He also received a bone graft operation. Rodrigo was in a coma for three months. After Rodrigo came out of the coma he was gradually able to recognize his family members. At this time he developed aphasia. The muscle tone of the left limbs was gradually decreased while the muscle tone of the right limbs was gradually increased. The right limbs had a motor dysfunction and Rodrigo was started on a rehabilitation program. One year after the accident, the motor functioning of the limbs was gradually restored. Two years after the accident, Rodrigo began to gradually recover his speaking ability, but he spoke slowly and unclearly. His memory and cognitive abilities continued to be impaired. Rodrigo continued participating in the physical rehabilitation training every day. As a result, the muscle strength of the right side limbs was continuously improved. He could walk with the assistance of a family member but the body would lean to the left. The right arm was flexed and the fingers on the right hand had difficulty extending, making it difficult to perform simply daily activities.

Rodrigo's family looked for advanced treatment therapy options throughout the world and through their research discovered the treatment options offered at our medical center. After learning about stem cell treatment and how effective it is for brain injuries, they decided that coming here was there best option.

After Rodrigo was admitted to our hospital, he was given a complete examination, and he was diagnosed with sequelae of brain injury. He was then given specialized treatment in order to expand the blood vessels and nourish the neurons. The neural stem cells were activated and then we administered the stem cell therapy. This was combined with daily physical rehabilitation treatment.

After the completion of the treatment, Rodrigo's emotional state had improved and he had a more positive outlook on life. His short-term memory had been restored and his speech became more fluent. At present, Rodrigo can dress and wash himself as well as walk unassisted. The muscle strength of all his limbs has increased and the range of motion and activity of the right shoulder has also increased. The flexibility and movement of the right hand has improved.

Rodrigo and his family members are satisfied with the treatment outcome and Rodrigo's father said to our staff: "Our hopes for our son to get the best treatment possible happened when we came to your medical center. After the first month of treatment, Rodrigo's improvements were obvious and our dreams were realized. We give our thanks to the entire staff at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. Your hospital treated us like family and provided us with the best care and help. We extend our love and gratitude. You have given us a new life."


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