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Blair Kurtz-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(Australia)

Author Zhangqi Views Posted at 2015/12/10

Name:Blair Kurtz
Sex: Male
Age:52 years
Diagnosis:1. Motor Neuron Disease/ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
                  2. Sinus bradycardia3. Hyperlipemia
Date of Admission: November 5th, 2015
Treatment Hospital/period:Wu Medical Center/13 days

Before treatment:
Six months ago, patient’s left feet was presented with limited movement and gradually the strength of left lower limb and its exercise endurance became weak. 4 months ago, patient had EMG which revealed widespread of dysfunction of motor neurons and axons. He was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. He was give Riluzole 50mg twice a day but it did not improve his condition. His condition gradually got worse. 2 months ago, patient’s right leg found it difficulty to climb stairs. There was muscle fasciculation and constant pain in the legs. Gradually his left leg appreared weak. At present, patient can walk alone but the gait is not stable, presenting a limp gait.

Admission PE:
Bp: 128/73mmHg;Hr: 48/min; Temperature: 36.3℃, Br: 18/min. Height: 178cm; Weight: 94Kg. He was in a normal and good figure. His skin mucosawas intact and had no yellow stain or petechie. His lip had no cyanosis. There was no congestion at the pharynx oralisor swollen at the tonsil. The thorax was symmetrical, but the respiratory sound of both lungs was very low and the sound in the bottom of lungs was low. There was no dry or moist rale. His heart rhythm was regular and strong. The heart rate was 48/min. There was noobvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was flat and soft with norebound tenderness or pressing pain. His liver and spleen were normal under palpation. There was no edema in the legs. The lab tests indicated that blood cholesterol was higher than normal. The ECG revealed sinus bradycardia. The blood oxyhemoglobin saturationwas92-95%

Nervous System Examination:
Blair was conscious and alert. His speech was normal but the voice was hoarse.  He had a normal orientation, memory and calculation. The diameter of both pupils was 3.0mms, and both pupils were equal in size and round. The pupils moved in full range, reacted normally to light stimulus and there was no nystagmus. He had symmetrical forehead wrinkles and his nasolabial groove was equal in depth. The tongue was in the middle when he stuck his tongue out and his teeth were straight. He could blow the cheeks, raisethe soft palate and close his eyes with ease. The muscle to turn neck and shrug shoulder was strong. The grip strength was at level 5. The muscle strength of left arm was at level 4+, and that of right arm was at level 5. The muscle strength of right leg was at level 4+ and that of left leg was at level3. The muscle tone of them was normal. Muscle fasciculation could be observed in the limbs. The bilateral tendon reflex of arms and the patellar tendon reflex of right leg were normal.  The patellar tendon reflex of left leg was active. The bilateral Rossilimo sign was positive. The Babinski sign was negative. The finger-to-nose test, rapid rotation test, finger-to-finger test, heel-knee-shin test could be performed normally. The meningeal irritation sign was negative. 

We initially completed the examinations of the patient. Patient’s diagnoses of 1.Motor neurons disease 2.sinus bradycardia and 3. Hyperlipemia were confirmed. He was given 3 times’ injections of neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells. He was also given treatment to activate his own stem cells, initiate nerve repair and regeneration. He received treatment to improve circulation, nourish neurons, adjust immune function, protect heart and reduce blood lipid level.He also had non-invasive ventilator to improve breathing function. This was accompanied with appropriaterehabilitation.

After 13 days of treatment, the mobility has improved and exercise endurance has improved too. The pain at legs has been alleviated. The breathing of lungs has improved. The respiratory sound of lungs is stronger than he was admitted. The blood oxyhemoglobin saturationrises to 95-98%. The muscle fasciculation has noticeably reduced and muscle strength has improved to level 5- of right leg and 3+ of left leg.

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