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Our innovative treatment program

Author Admin Views Posted at 2011/11/04

The control of the implanted stems cells is of the utmost importance for a successful stem cell treatment. A simple stem cell injection without proper before and after medical care will have a very limited effect.

Many programs report to be “faster and cheaper” but the end results show death of implanted stem cells and a lack of clinical results. Our treatment program is specifically designed to provide the greatest clinical results. It consists of five steps:   

  1. Before the stem cells treatment, a complete examination of the patient's condition will be done by doctors of neurology, this includes a functional check of all the body's organs and an evaluation of the patients nervous system. 
  1. Medication is given to adjust the condition of the patient's immune system: according to the patient's clinical condition, an effective medication will be ordered and used to adjust the immune function, provide neural nourishment and clear the internal microenvironment to protect the neurons and help the future growth of injected stem cells. (This step is crucial for effective results and cannot be rushed) 
  1. Stem Cells Activation and Proliferation Treatment – Patients will receive a daily IV of neurotrophic factors and medications used to stimulate the production of the body's own stem cells. 
  1. Stem Cell Implantation: Neural Stem Cell injections are delivered via lumbar puncture into the cerebral spinal fluid in four separate injections. Those stem cells will grow into neurons and rebuild new body neural innervations, at the same time the new neurons can provide nourishment to the peripheral nerves and nerve roots, repairing the damaged neural system and improve the muscular atrophy.
  2. Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation program is an integral part of stem cell therapy. The treatment includes daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions and complementary Chinese traditional medical treatment. 

 Dr. Wu and his team have found the following factors that influence the stem cell therapy effect:

● The unchanged pathological internal environment
● The lack of precise positioning of the stem cells activated or implanted
● The impassable scar tissues that are hard for the neural stem cell cone to pass through
● The technical difficulties in targeted differentiation of the stem cells inside the body and in the cross-TM trophoblast transformation of the stem cells
● The nonfunctioning of the surviving stem cells
Any of these factors can and will contribute to the poor, or non-effectiveness of the stem cell therapy.
To overcome the above-mentioned difficulties and maximize effectiveness the WSCMC provides an innovative approach that combines the activation of autologous neural stem cells with exogenous stem cell transplantation.
The approaches to activate autologous stem cells involves:
● activating the immobilized neural stem cells inside the body
● prompting the embryonic reversion and the differentiation of the mature nerve cells.
The approach to make the exogenous stem cells function includes:
● having the implanted stem cells activate the autologous stem cells and make them form neural networks with the implanted stem cells
● making the autologous stem cells functional through chemical and physical signal regulation and thus inducing the implanted stem cells to differentiate into the functional cells.
This innovative approach has achieved:
● An improved the patient's internal environment
● Has allowed the accurate positioning of the cell receptor and gene targeting to Occur
● Has softened the scar tissues to allow the neural stem cell cones to pass through and to induce the directional stem cell differentiation inside the body, or to make the stem cells cross the embryonic layer for transformation. By chemical and physical regulations, the survived stem cells are able to take their functions
Our treatment plan is based on years of clinical research and experience allowing the safest and most effective outcome. The entire treatment program is 4 to 5 weeks long dependent upon each individual patients needs and medical condition. When a patients future is at stake and long term medical results are desired there is no room for short cuts.
● Four separate stem cell injections.
● Daily intravenous and medications given to adjust and control the body‘s internal environment and nourish the stem cells.
● Daily rehabilitation therapy consisting of both physical and occupational therapy, as well as traditional Chinese medicine (which includes massage and acupuncture).


With our treatment program, a significant improvement can be expected within four to five weeks.

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